Right at the moment when the thunderstorm broke out, my friend Eili was buzzing the door to bring me a flower and enjoy coffee and lightning on my balcony. What a great daytime activity!

Tomorrow we're going to celebrate Swedish midsummer with vegan sandwich cake, cava and some hair styling + photo shoot. Looking so much forward to it!



A beautiful flower shop in my neighbourhood.

Niemals! Made me laugh :)

Met a friend for a brunch burger today.
It's a good Wednesday. Going to spend the evening by my desk creating stuff with music from the street as soundtrack, it's Fête de la Musique today!


A list about me

Long time ago since I posted a list!
I love to fill in lists like this, used to have books for my friends to fill in as a kid. My friend Maria and I were weekly making lists for each other to fill in until we were in our mid teens. This list is translated from Swedish (I saw it on some Swedish blogs when I got the idea to get a Sweden fix recently), hopefully I did a good job.



Have beer in the fridge: No, my fridge is broken since a few weeks. There is a kiosk in my building, so luckily I have easy access to cold beer. Though I don't go there for beer right now, decided it was time to have a break from this fluffy, yummy beverage for a while.

Have a pet: No.

Have a favourite sweet: Strawberries and raspberries, I don't really have a sweet tooth and prefer savory stuff. A few times a year I go to the Swedish pick & mix candy store to get my fix.

Wear powder: No.

Have any plans for the future: To make plans for the future, currently I'm lost because I stopped making plans.

Have any "best" grades from school: Typing, Writing short stories + poetry & German language.

Have an addiction: Cheese & Carmex.

Have fika today: Black coffee!

Wear nail polish: Usually on my toe nails in the Summer. Right now I don't and my feet look a bit naked. I usually go for a dark tone, like very dark grey.

Have a friend who lives in another country: I have friends in many different countries, I live in "another country" myself since 6.5 years.



Do you despise: Despise is very harsh, though there is a person who made me doubt myself and people around me in a very horrible way. Wouldn't say I despise this person, I feel more pity.

Share most memories with: After almost 13 years together, it has to be Johan. And my baby sister.

Do you long most for: My family in Sweden.

Annoys you: People who are in touch with others only to ask for favours have been annoying me a little bit lately, sometimes a How are you? is also a good way to be in touch.

Do you cuddle with: Johan's long hair.

Cooks: I've been cooking most of the meals lately. Making simple salads and pasta dishes to enjoy on the balcony. On Friday Johan will make a sandwich cake, yaaay! Swedish midsummer feast.

Does the dishes: Most of the time I do, I have started to find it pretty stimulating, omg, who would've thought.



Magazine to you read: Berliner Zeitung every day, oh well it's a newspaper and I read it online.

Bus do you take the most: If I don't walk, I usually go by train, subway and tram, so I'd say it's the bus to the airport (ha ha, maximum once a year).

Day is your birthday: December 15.

Season do you prefer: The in-between seasons, you know when Spring turns to Summer and Summer turns to Fall and so on.

Town did you grow up in: Luleå, the largest town in northern Sweden. Although it's small, it really made me a city person.



Are you doing right now: Thinking of which pictures to post with this list.

Is good about you: I'm thoughtful, emphatic, can't lie and I always try my best to do as I have promised.

Is bad about you: Sometimes the way between my brain and my mouth is too short. Being face blind puts me in awkward situations pretty often. Also I'm bad at getting things done if I have something planned later in the day.

Do you want to work with: Illustrate more and do more fun collaborations on the blog and on Instagram with companies I like and trust.

Is most fun at the moment: Hanging out on my friend Eili's balconies (!) during hot Summer nights, laughing out loud together about important and silly things.

Are you wearing: A grandmother nightgown from Humana & black leggings from H&M. It's hot in Berlin today.

Kind of shoes do you own: I have 5 pairs that I wear on a regular basis: A pair of curling boots for Winter, two pairs of very comfy sandals (black & silver), a pair of sneakers and a pair of lovely Dr Martens that I found unworn for €5 thirteen years ago and started wearing last year as I had no patience before to break them in.

Is your shoe size: UK 5.5.

Are you reading: "Horrific Sufferings of the Mind-Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot: His Wonderful Love and His Terrible Hatred" by Carl-Johan Vallgren.

Are you going to do now: After I have posted this, I'm gonna take a shower and take a walk to see Eili before closing myself in my bubble again.

Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to post your own version of this list on your blog if you want :)


My weekend in 12 pictures

On Saturday morning I went to Boxi for a cheese soup and a stroll. Love my entrance so much, the light is amazing.

Had coffee on the balcony with Johan and ate a salad with feta cheese. Chili flakes and oregano on feta is one of the most beautiful things I know when it comes to food.

Johan heard you sleep better if you place an aloe vera next to your bed.

In the evening we had a drink with Johan's sister and her friends who are in town. Afterwards we had a night of fun with our sweetest Vincent.

On Sunday we slept in and started the day with a cup of Hendrick's gin punch and took a walk to Prenzlauer Berg.

To meet Johan's sister again for a drink and then a long walk home again, buying cheese in a shop that smelled like vacation.

Was a great weekend and this week has already started in such a good way, got a very fun job that I will tell you more about when it's done :)


What you see is what you get



Keeping it simple. It's exactly what you see (WYSIWYG, a term that reminds me of when i started writing HTML in 1998, which means I've been blogging for almost 19 years now); cucumber, tomato, basil, mozzarella, red onion, olive oil, salt & black pepper.

Been living without a fridge for almost 3 weeks now, I have learned a lot about what kind of groceries you can store in room temperature. Had no idea butter lasted for over a week like this, for example. Looking forward to being able to keep things cool again, though.

What are you up to this weekend?
I'm up to a lot of things and what I really look forward to is to finish watching the latest season of Orange is the new Black, it's soooo good!